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English Girl who moved to Swansea October 2004 .....Right now i am at my happiest :) got a great Fiance rubenagboola who i owe a great deal to...he has been my rock for the last 14mths :)....I have a fantastic life here in Swansea :) This year i became an auntie for the first time to a darling little Girl Ella born 29th August 2005 she is indeed my little princess ( and she knows it) :) my sister beckwah is her mummy :P This is my 3rd journal in like 5 yrs heheh but i just needed to start a fresh after many years of depression..hurt...and abuse...
Just to prove i am a surviour :D
My Journal is mainly Friends Only purely cos i prefer to share my thoughts with lj friends....if you would like to add me i'll add u back :)

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